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With the New Year freshly in the rear view mirror, it’s time to start thinking about those weight loss resolutions. According to, 41% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution each year, and 21% of those resolutions involve losing weight and getting healthy. The overwhelming majority, the next most popular resolution is general life improvements coming in at 12%. More than 1 in every 5 resolutions is a resolution to lose weight, and 42% of these people admit to giving up on their resolutions throughout the year, most likely vowing to start again when the next year comes around. So how can you stick to your resolution to lose weight? We have a few ideas.
Small group fitness is a great way to hold yourself accountable and have a little fun while sticking to your resolution to get healthy. Small group fitness or small group training makes it not just about you, but about being a part of a team, and a team who will rely on you and keep you to your goals. While working out, you can encourage each other, while still having a personal experience with your Charlotte, Ballantyne or Marvin NC personal trainer. You’ll also be provided a social benefit, and an ability to forge new friendships and relationships supporting one another to succeed in your goals as a group.
Whether you decide to go the small group fitness route or the personal training session route, you’ll also want to set the right goals. Setting goals that are too lofty can leave you in a dangerous situation where you could give up on yourself for not making enough progress. In order to stay motivated, it may be a better idea to start small, and to work your way up to a larger goal by using small stepping stones. Additionally, you may want to focus on other goals along with your weight loss, like feeling more energetic throughout the day, boosting your stamina, or being able to lift a certain weight or run a certain distance.
Lastly, you’ll want to use your planning skills to the best of your ability. Planning meals ahead and carrying out meal prep is a great way to stop yourself from falling back into bad habits when times get busy, and the same can be said about scheduling your personal training or group fitness sessions. Give yourself a set time of day you attend your fitness sessions, and make that time of day a priority.
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