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LeeAnn J.
Results not guaranteed, individual results may vary.
I love Everlasting Changes and Brent’s personal training. As a beginner, I was a little nervous to get started, and definitely had poor technique. Brent was patient and encouraging!  He stayed next to my friend and I the whole time to make sure we were doing things correctly!  Also, I think “making appointments” kept me committed. I knew I had to go because I had scheduled it
Debra R.
I enjoy my class and Mike is such an inspiration to get me where I once was 6 years ago. This has been the best experience I could ask for and have told all my family, friends and coworkers about my journey!  3 months ago I struggled to get out of bed some mornings.  Lower back pain, unable to do simple things like tie my shoes or even walk my dog without pain. Mike understood what I needed and gave me exercises that strengthen my back and core. I wouldn’t be stronger now if he didn’t believe in me and my ability to accomplish my goal. With my busy schedule and stressful job, I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday. I have a wonderful Trainer and new friends at the studio that want to accomplish the same thing as I.  Please share my appreciation for this program and the awesome Trainer, Mike!
Lars H.
I’ve been working with Brent for 6 months and the results are incredible. He makes the most of our time together and really cares about my overall health. He holds me accountable to the commitments I’ve made for my health goals. He has a servants heart like few people in this world. I feel like I’ve gone back in time 20 years. The best is yet to come as I continue to work hard and make better choices with my diet. My muscle mass is way up and fat way down. If you want to gain more energy and feel alive again, get in to Everlasting Changes right away. You won’t regret it.
Jackie H.
"At Everlasting they definitely give me my money’s worth.  Not only that but I love to hate paying for it because it holds me accountable to going to each session. Zero slacking.  On top of that the staff is very positive, the music is top-notch, & the flexibility of scheduling is great."
Jennifer D.
Everlasting changes isn’t just a gym to me. It’s a second home.  I feel the love the minute I walk through the door.   It’s my safe place where all judgments are left behind.  It’s a place I always leave feeling better than when I came. It’s the perfect combination of push and pull. I always feel challenged but never pressured. And it doesn’t matter what injury or ailment I might have from my career, they always find a way around it.  I’m 37 years old and I’m truly in the best shape of my life.  Everlasting changes is my perfect storm. Thank you, I will forever be grateful you are part of my life.
Patrick G.
I have known Brent and Jennifer for about 5 years, and I have been training with Brent since he and Jennifer opened Everlasting Changes. It is a great place to workout!! Brent is a superb trainer. He will help you develop whatever it is you want whether it is conditioning, weight loss, or strength training. All workouts are tailored to your needs. I recently hurt my back, and I was able to continue to workout because Brent changed the workout so my back was protected. The other trainers I have worked with – Danielle, Todd, and Jay – are also outstanding and very knowledgeable. I love the boot camps on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I work out at 5:30 am and those in boot camp are fun, and it is like working out with family. Working out with others provides motivation. It is well worth the effort to meet Brent, Jennifer, and the other trainers and get started on a life-changing opportunity!!!!
Michele S.
I’ve never worked out with so much intensity in 30 minutes and seen faster results until I joined Everlasting Changes. All trainers push you to work hard but also make sure they don’t injure you by having you do too much. I actually look forward to boot camps and semi private sessions because I know I will attain the healthy body and body fat % goal that I set for myself.
Julie H.

So grateful for finding Everlasting Changes!  I joined in June 2014 as I needed someone very knowledgable to teach me to work out safely.  I have a pretty severe scoliosis and I have many limitations, so exercising with good form and finding my core strength was crucial.  This last July I had a traumatic life threatening injury (not related to exercise) which made me an even more complicated case.  I had two arteries in my neck damaged, a small transient stroke, and a traumatic aneurysm and I had could not get my heart rate up for 3 months, plus other restrictions.  Oddly enough, this was a blessing as it motivated me to clean up my diet and really focus on my health.  I have lost 39 lbs in just around 4-5 months.  Brent and the Kristine have been super supportive throughout, not just with the training, but also emotionally helping me on days that I would get frustrated.  They have been so important in my transformation.  Its hard to express my gratitude.  I have not reached my final goal, but I am close, and most importantly, my chronic pain and numbness are so much improved!  Investing in your health is really the most important investment you can make, and I can't think of a better place to start than with the Kasmers at Everlasting Changes!  Thanks for all you have done for me and for helping me change my life!

Mary W.
After spending the last 4 years focusing on graduate school, I knew now was the time to finally put the main focus on my health. I’ve worked with other personal trainers before at the big gyms I’ve been a member of, but I’ve never had such personalized training as I’ve had so far with Brent. After only working with him for a short time, I can already feel my body changing and getting stronger. I also have an injury which Brent has been very accommodating in what exercises I do, as not to push me too far but making sure I’m not babying it either! After being out of shape for so long, going back to the gym can be intimidating and my insecurities about the shape I’m in have definitely surfaced. I’ve never felt judged by Brent because of this, he’s extremely encouraging, motivating and reminded me that everyone is on their own personal journey and that’s okay. I’m so excited to see the progress I’ll have made with him in the months to come and I have full confidence he will get me to reach my goals and then some!