Private Training Gym In Charlotte | Manage Sore Muscle Post Workout

One of the things that often keeps us from staying on track with our workouts is muscle soreness. Whether you are just getting back into fitness or trying to push harder toward your goals, muscle soreness can be really demotivating. It’s very difficult to get to the gym the next day if your whole body hurts. In order to stay on track, it’s important to understand how to reduce this pain so that you don’t stop working out. Here are our biggest tips to help heal sore muscles after a hard work out.


1. Warm Up And Cool Down: Warming up and cooling down are essential to reducing muscle pain after a workout and should never be skipped. Warming up increases flexibility in your muscles and reduces tension in your body. With this added extra movement, you’re much less likely to overstrain your muscles. Cooling down also helps by improving your blood flow and range of motion so that you don’t end up stiff and sore. It’s a good idea to do a cool down of the muscles you used after each session.
2. Roll It Out: Foam rollers are a lifesaver. Everyone from professional athletes to gym nuts use foam rollers to help release muscle pain. Foam rollers are extremely inexpensive so they are a really worthwhile investment. Using a foam roller across the muscles you used during your workout for ten minutes can help release any tension in muscles, improves your circulation, and can work out an soreness.
3. Keep Moving: Muscle soreness is often caused by lactic acid which can build up in a muscle after a workout. The only way to get rid of this lactic acid is to keep moving. Even if you’re in too much pain to hit another 30 minute round of intensive interval training, do something low intensity to help work it out. Go for a walk, ride a bike, or do a little yoga. Moving will also help release any stiffness or tension that could be contributing to your body’s pain. The more you move, the more you’ll reduce this muscle stiffness.


Another great way to reduce after workout pain is to get private training. Personal trainers will make sure that you are doing your exercises correctly, you have enough of a warm up and cool down period, and give you diet tips to help reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery. With private training, you are less likely to be sore the next day then if you went at it alone. At Everlasting Changes, our personal trainers will help you stay on track with your fitness goals and help make sure nothing demotivates you! Call us today to get your three free private training sessions!
Call now for three risk free, complimentary sessions. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our packages.

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