Small Group Training - Good 3-Partner Stretches At Gym

Weight training isn’t the only workout you can do with a spotter. There are some great stretches that you can do with the help and support of a partner during your small group training class. These stretches can be done before, after, or during your workout to keep your body loose, increase your flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury.

Split Stretch: Sit on the floor facing your partner. Stretch your legs out wide in front of you. Have your partner do the same. Then scoot up and place your feet together. Take each other by the arms and clasp your elbows in each other’s hands. Have your partner lean forward while you lean back. Hold briefly. Then you lean forward while your partner leans back. Try to keep your backs straight. This stretch opens your hips, stretches your legs and back.

Leg Stretch: Have your partner lie flat on their back with their hands at their side and feet stretched straight. Kneel next to them between their hips and knees. Take their right leg and slowly lift it up. Keep your knee on the ground on the inside of their legs and lock your ankle over their left leg to hold it in place. Then lift their leg holding their ankle and press forward. Keep their leg straight with no bend at the knee. Keep your own back straight and provide them with support. Go slowly and communicate with your partner about the extension. Once in a good stretching position hold and repeat on the other side. Then have them do the same stretch for you. This stretch is great for leg day or when you are about to do cardio because it stretches the leg and core muscles.

Static Chest Stretch: Stand behind your partner about one foot. Make sure that both of your legs are shoulder width apart. Have them put their arms at the side of their body and slowly extend them backwards. Take their forearms and pull gently. Then slowly raise them. Make sure to communicate with your partner about the extension. Hold in position making sure they do not curve their shoulder or lean forward. Then repeat the same exercise with your partner guiding you. This exercise stretches the chest, neck, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Partner stretching is perfect because with their support you can get better extensions. If you’re looking for a workout buddy to do these partner stretches with, but can’t find anyone, take a small group training class with Everlasting Changes. It’s a fun way to meet like-minded people interested in taking their fitness to the next level.
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