Top Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks To Enjoy With Your Trainer

Summertime is a time to let loose and enjoy the warmth that comes with longer days and shorter nights. Hot weather makes you thirstier, and nothing is more fun than meeting friends (or your personal trainer) out for drinks. Too many beers can take a toll on your hot summer bod; they don’t call it a beer-gut for nothing. But as long as you know what drinks to go for that are low-cal and cool, you’ll stay in the shape you want to be in and still have a blast.

  • Jack and Diet Coke. This applies to any whisky, really. Whether you prefer Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, or Duggan’s Dew, mix it with a diet coke and you’ll lighten the load and still get the kick you’re looking for.
  • Vodka Seltzer. Replace that gin and tonic with a vodka seltzer to cut back on calories. Tonic contains a lot of calories and sugar, but seltzer is just zero-cal bubbly water. Toss in a lemon or lime wedge for extra flavor.
  • Champagne. Any occasion can be a reason to pour a glass of bubbly; toast your personal trainer for getting you to do burpees. As low as 84 calories a glass, this is one drink you can enjoy without worry.
  • Bloody Mary. A savory drink is better than a sweet one for calories, and hangover, purposes. Spice it up to ensure that you not only take it slow, but have a prompt to encourage a few sips of water in between.
  • Wine. You should be aware that the type of wine you choose makes a big difference. Sweet wines will be higher in calories than dry, so opt for Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir over Riesling or Zinfandel.
  • Light Beer. Beer contains certain vitamins and minerals, and nothing really tops it on a sweltering day in the south. Light versions will be less filling and taste great, saving you unwanted calories and bloating.

Enjoy your summer drinks without guilt! Now all you need is some guilt-free desserts to go with them.

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