If your muscles are sore or tight after a workout, a foam roller massage can help. Foam roller massages, also known as myofascial release, can help reduce muscle stiffness and tension after a hard workout. Here is how to use a foam roller after a workout from our personal trainers.


For Your Lower Body


Find a clear space where you can stretch out on the ground. It’s a good idea to lie a yoga mat down to make yourself more comfortable. Then lie down to begin.


● For your legs: Sit on the floor with the foam roller placed on the underside of your knees. Lean back and rest your weight on your arms. Then roll the foam roller slowly back and forth under your legs to release the pain. Next flip over into a plank position with the roller under your ankles. Then slowly push your body back rolling over the foam roller up your shins and calves.

● For your hips: Position yourself in a side plank with the roller under your hip. Try to divide your weight between your arms, legs, and hips. Then slowly and carefully, lower your body so the foam roller rolls across you hip. Then lift your body to bring it back forward. Repeat on both sides until your pain is relieved.


For Your Back And Torso


To use a foam roller on your back or torso, you will also need to lie down.


● For your back: Lie with the foam roller placed under your lumbar area. Then pushing with your legs and arms, slowly roll your body down the roller until you reach your shoulders. Then slowly move your body back and roll until it nestles again in your lumbar region. Repeat until muscle tension is released. Use the same exercise for your torso.


For Your Upper Body


For your upper body, you will need a clear table or bench and a wall.


● For your shoulders: Place the foam roller against a wall. Then lean your body against the roller. With your legs lift our body up and down rolling the roller up and down on your shoulder. You can do this exercise facing forward and sideways, depending on where the pain exists. Repeat until your muscles loosen.

● For your arms: Place the foam roller on a table. Then place your wrist on top of the foam roller. Push your arm forward while you slowly roll the roller back and forth. Turn your hand upside down and repeat. Do this exercise until you feel a release.


Foam rollers can really help release the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles after a workout. Be careful though, when you first roll your muscles it will be sore and painful. However, it will help alleviate any pain in the long run.


For more tips on how to recover from a hard workout, talk to your Everlasting Changes personal trainers. We’ll happily demonstrate how to use a foam roller and give you advice on some other ways to reduce pain.

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