Weight Training

Our Athletic weight training is geared towards athletes looking to improve strength and power, gain muscle and bulk, increase speed and agility and enhance their overall performance.  Our programs not only maximize your efforts in weight training to improve your bulk, muscle strength and power, but also to increase your footwork, speed and agility! Our programs are not meant to replace your pre-existing weight training program at school, but to enhance and compliment it.

Our athletic trainers are well verse in athletic weight training for a wide variety of sports and conditioning. They not only help you to excel in your off-training season, but also to begin learning the proper nutritional techniques to give you that edge over your components on and off the field or court.  With our personal trainers holding both their sports & conditioning and sports & fitness nutritional certifications, they can not only develop your athletic strength and conditioning programs but they can teach you daily nutritional habits and design meal plans for you. 

Our trainers are also medical exercise and post rehab specialists. So they can build a rehabilitation program specific to pain management and injury recovery. Their training and experience includes, but is not limited to ACL Reconstruction and Meniscal Tears, Rotator Cuff Tears and Total Knee and Hip Replacements

Once this process has been completed, they then can re-develop your program to focus again on improving your game.