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Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the fun and exercise of ski season. However, it is important that you get your body ready for it so today we will talk about a few workouts that will get you ready to go for ski season, so you will be in good shape and ready to hit the slopes.
Conditioning and strength training are important when it comes to getting ready for ski season. Skiing is a mountain sport that requires a lot of strength and energy as well as endurance.
The first area to focus on when working out for ski season would, of course, be your legs. There are many different workouts you can do to help strengthen and tone the legs, and many of them don’t even require any additional equipment.
Cardiovascular Endurance
Cardiovascular and lower body strength are important areas to focus on when working out in preparation for ski season.
First, you can run up and down stairs for four minutes and then sit against the wall with your knees at a ninety-degree angle. You will then move your feet slightly forward and slide your back down against the wall until you are in a sitting position. Hold this position for at least a minute.
When finished, repeat each step three times for a total workout time of approximately fifteen minutes. It is easy to do and does not require any special equipment.
Balance and Agility
To help improve your balance and agility, you can do walking lunges with your hands placed securely on your hips. Repeat the lunges around twenty times. You can also perform lateral hops by keeping your legs together and your arms extended in front of you. You then stand with your feet apart and your knees bent and hop up and land the same way. Do twenty hops.
Improve your Core
Planks are a good exercise when you are trying to improve your core. It is a body weight exercise that is performed by holding the body stiff to develop strength within the core as well as in the muscles that are connecting the upper and lower body. It takes endurance to hold the light as a feather, stiff as a board position for long but it also makes for one of the best conditioning exercises for the glutes and hamstrings while also helping to improve balance and support better posture.
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